C Section Breastfeeding – Tips and Tricks

Some believe that it is easier to have a baby surgically delivered. However, unlike natural birth, a C section can sometimes involve more emotional and physical costs. 

One of the main differences between a C section and a natural birth is in breastfeeding. The action of feeding a baby naturally from the mother’s breast is known to create an inexplicable bond and does wonders for the newborn. 

Having to deal with the discomfort generated by the incision, breastfeeding can become a challenge. Even if some women may not desire it, it can sometimes be tough for those who do want it.

C Section Breastfeeding - Tips and Tricks

Start As Soon As Possible 

The first moments after the child is born are crucial. This is usually the time when the strongest connection is made, and the baby and mother share their first embrace. 

C sections can make it difficult for women to start breastfeeding right away; however, it is strongly advised in order to encourage milk production. Some mothers might have just gone through a difficult surgery, and breastfeeding is not even an option at that time. 

In this case, the best thing is to create the skin to skin contact with the newborn. The sooner one starts breastfeeding, the easier it will get. 

Ask For Help 

Asking for help can be tricky sometimes. Moms usually want to do it all, and that can even mean from the very first seconds. Even superheroes need help, and this is one of those situations. 

After a C section, there might still be an open incision and other lines that link the mother to medical devices. Finding the best position to breastfeed can be challenging. 

In this moment, it is best to keep in mind the fact that nurses and other medical professionals are trained to help the mother out. They, for sure, know how to handle the situation. This might be your first time, but they for sure have seen it happen before. 

Practice is Key 

Like in other situations, practice usually makes perfect or close to it. Even if being a mother might come naturally to some, there are things that one can simply not know about. This can also mean breastfeeding. 

Feeding your baby is an incredible experience that will make your link even stronger. This should be done as often as every three hours, if possible. Some might still be experiencing pain, and if this is the case, guilt might arise. 

Even if breastfeeding is not allowed because of medical reasons or intense pain, pumping should be taken into consideration. This will help stimulate milk production and make it easier for the mother to get used to the feeling. 

Do Not Be Shy

A C section usually means more time in the hospital than for someone who has given birth naturally. This can be an opportunity to spend time with nurses and doctors who are specialized and well-trained. 

Asking questions is an amazing way to release the stress caused by the unknown. They will be there for any mother and help make her experience with breastfeeding better and more enjoyable. 

They also usually know the best tips, breastfeeding positions, and give some of the best advice. 

Accept Pain Medication 

Pain is not something one should be ashamed of. Asking for an epidural before giving birth or for pain medication afterward is nothing bad. 

Some believe pain is part of motherhood, and even if that is true to some extent, it should not be sought on purpose. Anything that can ease the pain and have the mother reunited with the baby as soon as possible after a C section should be considered. 

Do Not Blame Yourself 

There is a lot of pressure on women when it comes to childbirth and delivery. A C section might not be something a woman wants but something she needs. 

In emergency cases, this can be the one thing to save the mother and the child. It can be overwhelming, and the guilt can take over. When this happens, speaking out is the best thing one can do.

C Section Breastfeeding - Tips and Tricks


Having the power to bring life into the world is amazing. This comes with many emotional costs, but they are all worth it. It will get easier with time. Breastfeeding is an amazing experience!