Food for Picky Children – See These Ideas

The norm for toddlers is always picky feeding. When babies normally triple in weight after the rapid growth of childhood, a toddler’s growth rate and appetite begin to slow down. 

Toddlers are now starting to establish food tastes, a fickle process. One day the child’s favorite food may hit the floor the next, or unexpectedly a snubbed food may become the one he or she can’t get enough of. They can eat 1 or 2 preferred foods for weeks and nothing else. 

Try not to get irritated by this usual action of toddlers. Only make accessible healthy food options and realize that your child’s appetite and eating habits will even out over time. Here are some tips and meals in the meantime that will assist you in getting through the picky eater stage.

Food for Picky Children - See These Ideas
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Try Out These Meals

Do your children enjoy nuggets of fast-food chicken? Make a better version at home with the same great crunch and meaty taste. In an egg-and-butter mixture, chicken chunks are dipped and then coated with seasoned breadcrumbs and baked until golden brown in the oven. 

This fun breakfast, also called “toad in a hole,” gives children an egg-creating protein boost to begin their day. They can do everything from cutting shapes in the bread slices to cracking the egg and slipping it into the “basket.” getting the kids to help create this meal. 

Everyone loves chicken pot pie, but it takes a lot of time to assemble those recipes. By baking biscuit mix right along with the nutritious chicken and vegetable filling, this healthier, family-friendly casserole version cuts down on prep time, so you don’t have to make a separate crust. The entire thing is coated with cheese because kids love the gooey topping!

How to Serve These Other Health Options 

While soft broccoli can be mushy and smelly for children according to Marcia Pelchat, Ph.D., a scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, lightly sauteed or stir-fried florets hit the right note. Sprinkle with 1/4 tsp. of 2 cups cooked broccoli—salt for the crunchy-salty combo that children enjoy.

Picky kids like the taste of tomatoes filled with vitamin C, but not the texture and seeds that are squishy. Since tomato soup is normally lump-free and seedless, it’s a perfect option

Pomegranate seeds are reminiscent of sweet-and-sour candy for children making them a perfect snack for picky babies. This fruit can either be bought fresh or frozen. 

Meat for most picky eaters is typically the least offensive food category, Dr. Pelchat reports. If your nugget-loving kid is having difficulty trying grilled chicken breast, break it into chunks and put it on a stick. Be sure the pointy ends are cut off.

Tips on Handling Picky Children

Together, enjoy a meal as a family as much as you can. This means no media distractions like TV or mobile phones at mealtime. Use this time to model healthy eating. 

Serve one meal for the entire family and if your child rejects what you’ve served, resist the temptation to make another meal. This just facilitates picky eating. For each meal, strive to provide at least one food that your child likes and aim to include a nutritious meal, whether or not she consumes it. 

If a meal is rejected by your child, stop fussing about it. Learning to listen to their bodies and use hunger as a guide is suitable for kids. For example, if they eat a big breakfast or lunch, they might not be interested in eating a lot the rest of the day. 

A parent must provide food, and it is the child’s choice to eat it. Pressuring children to feed or punishing them if they don’t may make them hate food they otherwise enjoy. Try not to bribe your kids with candy to eat other foods, tempting as it may be. 

Food for Picky Children - See These Ideas
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If you are worried about your child’s diet, speak to your pediatrician who will help fix issues and make sure your child receives all the required nutrients to grow and develop. 

Bear in mind too, that picking food is usually a natural stage of growth for toddlers. Do your best to lead them gently on their journey to healthier eating.