Why It’s Important to Ask for Company Childcare Benefits

When young talents are applying for a job at large firms, they will consider whether the company provides childcare benefits. These benefits might be the motive for a parent why they are looking for other work to reduce the stress factor.

There are quite a number of reasons why child care benefits are suitable for a company and the employee. We take a look at some of these child care benefits and why it is good to have them in place.

Keep on reading with us to see what these benefits will do for the company as well as for the working parent. 

Why It's Important to Ask for Company Childcare Benefits

Why Should a Company Offer Childcare Benefits?

Following is a list of reasons why a company should consider having childcare benefits for their employee’s children, and we discuss the benefits.

People Are Planning Ahead

It is true that young people are planning ahead when it comes to issues regarding family matters and children. They are looking for companies that provide childcare benefits even if they do not have children yet, but plan to have in the future.

Surveys showed that more than half of the new generations of job seekers are favoring companies who offer child care benefits. This will be great for the company offering it, so they will not lose the talent a few years down the line.

This will greatly benefit the company if they can keep the best workforce and most company owners know what this means. 

See the following website if you want to know more about the benefits for the workplace and why you should retain the best talent.

Mothers Are Older

Today’s mothers are much older than the previous generation, so they are already busy with a career when they have children. A company invests a lot of money in young talent as soon as they start working for them and should retain talent.

If that new mother is having problems finding a good daycare center for her new child, it will put a lot of stress on her. That is why the next best thing for the parent to do is find a job that provides childcare benefits to reduce stress.

The cost for that company to train new talent will be even more than it was with the original person, and that only after 5 to 10 years. So if the company provides child care benefits, they will retain that talent, and it will turn out to be an excellent investment.

More Mothers Are Breadwinners

More mothers are breadwinners, and surveys show that up to 40 percent of families with children have mothers who are the breadwinners. In more than 60 percent of these cases, the breadwinner is a single mother, which is quite a large group of the workforce.

For these working mothers, their jobs are very important but more so are their children, and they have a lot of responsibility stress. One of the causes of the stress is childcare related, and a company providing these benefits may just take them away from your company.

You can take a look at the following website to see the results of a poll regarding the percentage of working mothers in the workforce.

There Are More Engaged Dads

Quite a large portion of the younger workforce are engaged dads, and the child’s welfare is one of their main concerns. Childcare is one of the main worries of these young dads, and they are the future core workforce of all companies.

More than 90 percent of these dads say that sponsored childcare from the company helped them focus on their work. This is one of the main reasons why a company should provide child care benefits to their employees.

It will make them more relaxed and better workers to provide the company with the undivided focus of their talents. This will address the issue of today’s fathers who are making parenthood and taking care of their children the top priority.

Why It's Important to Ask for Company Childcare Benefits


Companies that offer this as part of the company benefits may just have a very happy and productive workforce at their disposal. And a happy workforce provides the company with all their talents without the interference of family responsibility related stress.

This will improve the overall productivity and also the turnover of the company.