Check Out These Large Group Activities for Preschoolers

There is a myriad of fun things you can do with children to keep them occupied. However, keeping preschoolers occupied will require more than a few activities.

Luckily, you can do this without it costing you a lot of money. In this post, we will investigate to see what activities are available to keep a large group of preschoolers occupied

As you will see, there is quite a wide range of activities that you can use to keep them busy. Let’s jump right in.

Check Out These Large Group Activities for Preschoolers


Everybody knows that preschoolers love to draw, but that will only last for a while before they get bored. This is a different approach to keeping them occupied, and that is to make drawing more interesting.

You can draw something on the board and tell them to copy the drawing on their piece of paper for a reward. It can be anything from a stick man to a few circles to keep them busy with something that is not too difficult.

There are a lot of benefits to get from this activity, such as the development of motor skills. The great thing about this is that it can be done outdoors, and the can can be easily moved inside if it starts to rain, for instance.

You will have to draw something they will be able to copy, but increase the difficulty over time and remember to award them. See the following website for a lot of fun and cool things that can be drawn easily and quickly by preschoolers.

Bubbles For All

Blowing bubbles is a great way to get those pre-schoolers to take part in a very fun activity. The fun of the standard way of blowing bubbles may wear off, and they might get bored with dunking and blowing.

That is why you need to get a bubble blowing machine that will keep them busy for hours on end. The problem will come when you run out of a soap mixture, so you need to have a lot of the mixture at hand.

If the inevitable does happen and you run out of bubble blowing mixture, go to this website for a recipe to make your own. You will find that even adults may want to join in on the fun if you bring out that bubble blowing machine.


This is a fun and creative activity that will help to get the imagination of any young child running wild. Camping can be done in the backyard, or if you know someone with a farm or large piece of land, that would be even better.

Just be careful if you take the kids to the field that you use tick and other bug repellents to keep them safe. If you do it in the backyard, it will be just as much fun for the kids and for you, as well.

If you have a tent at your disposal, that will be good, but you can easily use sheets to make a tent for them, also. The great thing about sheet tents is that it can be done right inside the house if you have enough space for that.

Water Fun

Water fun can be done on a warm day to help them cool down and have fun at the same time. There is something about water that small children just can not resist, and they will always join in the fun with water.

With this activity, use the sprayers to keep them running through the water, and they will do that all day long. You can also use some large plastic tubs for the smaller children to entertain themselves with water toys and other water accessories.

You can also just use the garden hose to spray them with water while running around, and they can also use the hose on you, as well.

Check Out These Large Group Activities for Preschoolers


These activities are only a few of the many that are at your disposal to keep small children busy. Hopefully, these mentioned will help get you going, and you can add more fun things as you think about more.