Taking a Bath with Baby – Health and Safety Tips

Bathing with your baby can be such a special time in the day. For one, what better way than cuddling skin-to-skin to show your little one affection and create a strong bond? 

Bathing your baby in a tub of warm water can also relieve a crying jag. When she feels your body against hers, along with the warm water and the change of scenery, your baby will definitely calm down.

Another advantage of bathing with your baby? You’re will get a sense of well-being, and that’s sure to wash over her too. Let’s talk about the health and safety factors associated with taking a bath with your baby.

Taking a Bath with Baby - Health and Safety Tips
Image source: ANB Baby

Wait Until Your Baby Is Old Enough

There is no need for a proper bath for babies who are only a few days old, and actually giving them one can cause problems. 

The child’s umbilical cord stump needs time to heal and fall off fully and the wound around the navel needs to heal completely to prevent any risks of infection. 

Until then, stick to sponge baths and switch to other bonding techniques, including kangaroo care (holding the bare body of your baby against your bare chest).

Right Water Temperature

In the initial stages, the skin of your little one is very sensitive and its reaction to the slightest temperature changes can be really intense. 

Make sure the water is at room temperature when preparing a bath for your child, or perhaps a little warmer if it’s wintertime. It should be no deeper than two or three inches.

Gather Everything You’ll Need In Advance

One of the most frustrating things that could happen is that you and your child get into the bath and notice that you forgot the soap on the sink or that the towels are still in the other room. 

As such, before you take the child for a bath, it is wise to keep everything at arm’s reach. Before you get into the tub, grab everything you’ll need, along with any stuff you’ll need to bathe your baby. 

If you miss something, skip it or, if you have to have it now, take your child with you. Never ever leave your child alone, not even for a second, in the tub.

Don’t Enter the Tub With Your Baby

It is a disastrous idea to get into the tub while carrying your baby in your arms: what if you lose your balance and slip? You’re not going to be able to save yourself either, much less your child.

Place your baby in his tub-side mini-seat, enter the tub by yourself properly, and then take your baby out of his seat. Otherwise, you may have someone (a relative, or a spouse) bring you the baby.

Get a Grip

If there isn’t a nonslip mat in your tub, lay one down now so that you don’t slip around. Even when you’re sitting, if you slip, your baby could easily take a nosedive. 

And while you and your baby are having a bath, have both hands on her at all times. Consider bending your knees and making your kid recline to face you against your thighs.

Taking a Bath with Baby - Health and Safety Tips
Image source: FirstCry Parenting

Final Words

The moment it becomes feasible for both of you, it is more than advised to take a bath with your little one. One of the best ways to improve the full skin-to-skin connection between you and your baby is through bathing. 

For the child, the presence of water and your body can be soothing because it can remind her of the womb’s safety. In a few instances, in the presence of warm water, lactation can improve, making it easier to breastfeed.