Learn What to Expect When Pregnant with Triplets

They say, “triple the baby, triple the fun!” But before the fun part, there’s so much to learn about having a triplets pregnancy. 

In recent years, fertility treatments have made multiple births more common. That means triplets are not a rarity anymore but they can be a high-risk pregnancy. 

You’ll be happy to know that if you are an expectant mom of triplets, there are things you can do to remain well and happy. Here’s how you can improve your chances for a stable triplet pregnancy and what to expect with triplets.


Learn What to Expect When Pregnant with Triplets
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What Causes This Type of Pregnancy?

Typically, multiple pregnancies occur when more than one egg is fertilized by the sperm of a man. But when one egg is fertilized and then splits into two or more embryos that develop into two or more babies, it may also happen. 

Identical triplets happen when one fertilized egg breaks into three. Identical triplets have almost precisely the same appearance and share the very same genes. When three eggs are fertilized by three sperm, triplets are fraternal. 

They do not share the same genes and are no more similar to each other than they are to their siblings.  More women than in the past are getting pregnant with multiples now. This is mainly because more people have kids later in life, 

Also, to get pregnant, more women use fertility treatments which often results in multiples.

Expect the Need for Extra Care During Pregnancy

You should expect the same early pregnancy symptoms if you are carrying triplets or more that you would experience if you were pregnant with one infant, but they are likely to start earlier and be more serious. 

Throughout the pregnancy, you may need additional medical attention. A team of specialist obstetricians, midwives, and ultrasonographers can be seen experiencing multiple pregnancies in a higher order. A physiotherapist or dietitian can also be referred to. 

To monitor for gestational diabetes and regular ultrasounds, you will need tests such as a glucose tolerance test to see how your babies are developing, and if the placentas or cords have any issues.

Are You Eating for Four?

To ensure that potential moms are getting enough nutrients, doctors can prescribe supersized prenatal vitamins, extra folic acid, or iron pills. The number of extra calories you’ll need will depend on how involved you are. 

To gain the necessary amount of weight, multiple mothers can need up to 600 extra calories a day. But, depending on your circumstances, your doctor may prescribe a lot less.

Expect More Appointments than Usual

Each triplet pregnancy is rated as high-risk so take the time to locate a doctor that has experience with multiple births.

Bear in mind that more prenatal appointments, more examinations, and more scans will be scheduled than during a normal pregnancy. 

With three little ones on the way, having plenty of rest is essential. More extreme morning sickness, nausea, and general pain can be encountered. 

greater risk of high blood pressure and diabetes is also associated with triplet pregnancies. This may feel like a lot to take in, but you can be encouraged to overcome these difficulties by your healthcare provider.

They May Arrive Early

While on our due date calculator, you may have worked out your due date, be conscious that triplets always arrive early. On average, triplets are born around week 34.  

So, it’s perfectly natural that as they put on weight and learn to breathe and suck properly, they may need to spend a few weeks in a neonatal unit before you can welcome them home. 

There’s a greater risk of having a C-section for multiple births

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a birth plan and speak to your team about your desires, but you just know that your doctors will track your delivery extra closely to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Once They Arrive, They Need Extra Love and Care

Babies born before 34 weeks may require support to breathe, feed, and stay warm and are more at risk of complications than full-term babies. The neonatal intensive care unit has medical experts and facilities to care for newborn babies who are premature and sick. 

They can be moved to the special care nursery or special care baby unit when your triplets no longer need this high level of care.

Learn What to Expect When Pregnant with Triplets
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The trick is planning if you’re pregnant with multiples. Getting your hospital bags packed early is a smart idea. Be sure to have the freezer stocked with meals and have the nursery ready well in advance. 

Bear in mind that having triplets could mean a more extended stay in the hospital, so have arrangements in place for that, just in case.