Everything to Know About 2 Year Old Molars

The ‘Terrible twos’ include the emergence of your 2-year old’s molars. The growth of the last four molars gives an unpleasant experience for toddlers as well as nursing parents. These molars are large and cause painful gum irritation. 

These molars are experienced between 23-33 months or during the whole duration of your baby’s toddler years. You won’t know exactly how your child feels when the molar starts growing unless there are symptoms. 

If you are a parent, it’s important to know these symptoms to somehow ease the irritation they are feeling. Good thing, there are safe medications and remedies for when your toddler suffers from baby teething. 

Everything to Know About 2 Year Old Molars
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Two-Year-Old Molars Symptoms

There are signs and symptoms when your toddler is teething. These symptoms are not the same for all children. If the symptoms consist of three or more of the following, there are higher chances of the growth of 2-year-old molars. 

Here is the list of symptoms for baby teething.

  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Fussiness and crying
  • A slightly raised temperature (less than 101 F)
  • Gnawing or wanting to chew on hard things
  • Lots of drool, which can cause a rash on their face
  • Coughing
  • Rubbing their cheek or pulling their ear
  • Bringing their hands to their mouth
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns

When to See a Doctor?

The emergence of a 2-year old molar is not always associated with pain and does not make them sick. However, if you know that they are teething, it is important to take extra care and notice other things.

There is a possibility that they will have other symptoms such as vomiting, rashes, fever, cough, or diarrhea. Aside from these, check any signs of gum bleeding and the appearance of pus on their face. 

In this case, it is best to seek medical attention so the doctor can give medical prescriptions. As a parent, when you are knowledgeable about what to expect during your child’s growing years, you can easily give make them comfortable. 

But when you just can’t figure it out, you must seek out medical advice to help you during the thought times. 

Everything to Know About 2 Year Old Molars
Image Source: Medical News Today

Home Remedies For Baby Teething

Rub Your Baby’s Gums 

Wash your fingers and gently rub your baby’s gums. The pressure from your fingers as you rub your child’s gums will ease your child’s discomfort.

Help Cool the Area 

Help soothe the gum irritation while giving your child a chilled teething ring. Make sure not to provide them with a frozen one because in contact with the extremely cold object is harmful. A firm rubber teething ring is also helpful.

Try Giving Them Hard Foods 

If your toddler is already introduced to eating solid foods, giving them edibles that they can play in their mouth is much better if the teething ring isn’t available. You may use peeled carrots or chilled cucumbers. 

However, if you decide to give them hard foods, keep a close eye on them to avoid choking.

Ask for an Over-the-Counter Remedy 

Doctors can give some medications, especially when the emergence of molars is accompanied by pain and irritation. Make sure not to self-medicate because it may harm your toddler.


Caring for a toddler with 2-year molar irritations and pain can be difficult, especially for first-time moms. Some two-year-olds can’t express the pain that they are feeling yet; that’s why it can be a guessing game. 

It’s advisable to seek help from your pediatrician so they can give a real-time and appropriate diagnosis of your child’s condition during baby teething.